How to Avoid Hiring Fraud Packers and Movers Bangalore to Chennai?

When you plan to hire packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai then you should be aware of fraud and scams. This will help you to keep a distance from any fraud moving company. Some act like professionals which makes it difficult for us to identify them. To help you avoid hiring any fraud packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai, we have made a guide for you.

Tips to Avoid Hiring Fraud Packers and Movers

Follow the steps given below to avoid hiring fraud packers and movers in Bangalore:

Always hire a registered company

Reliable goods transport companies have legal licenses and certifications to transport goods. So, It’s not only the specialization you need to check before hiring a relocation company but also their license and registration number. Ensure the company is certified and has the legal authorization to handle household goods shifting.

Verify documentations

Before hiring packers and movers near you in Bangalore ask them to show the license and certifications they have. Always check the company’s GST registration certificate, company incorporation certificate, PAN card, etc.

Find an IBA-approved mover

If you don’t want to take any risk then always consider hiring IBA-approved packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai. They are the most genuine movers and packers trusted by government officials as well. With them, you can stay relaxed and enjoy a hassle-free move. The only cons of hiring an IBA-approved moving agency is that it is not cheap.

Visit their office

To validate their identity and legitimacy, you should check the physical presence of their company. Visit their office to know if the company exists in real life. By doing this, you will get to know a lot about them and the team they have. You can check if the staff are

Get the quotation in writing

Some movers may quote the price verbally and some people even follow this and book their services. Never do this if you don’t want to be cheated by fraudsters. Yes, most bad movers quote the price over the phone and later increase the rate. They add miscellaneous charges to the final bill and give proper justification for it. Hence, you should get the quotation in writing and ask them to break down the fees as well to know where and how much they are charging.

Avoid making payments in cash

Fraud packers and movers will always ask you to make payment in cash. And a reliable one will leave this up to you. You can make the payment via online transaction, UPI, cheque, account transfer, credit card, debit card, or even cash. If your mover is asking only for cash payment then do not do that. This way you will not even have any proof of the payment.

Examine their website

Browse their website and see what they specialize in. See their work history and the details of the projects they have handled. And see the type of services they offer.

Check reviews and ratings

Always keep your eyes out for negative reviews and comments. Read all the customer reviews to know the quality of the service delivered by the company. Notice what common complaints people are making. And if you see too many positive reviews with no negative comments, then there’s something fishy.

Beware of any hidden charges

Fraud movers and packers often lure their customers by offering low quotes. Once they grab the attention of customers they make sure they will come back only after finalizing the deal. And when it’s done, they increase the price by adding several other fees. It’s important to discuss everything about the moving fees before you finalize your deal with the respective company. Ask them to break down the costs. And inquire about the extra charges or fees imposed anytime during the process. Make sure there are no hidden charges.

Inquire what their service includes

Don’t presume to get full packers and movers services without discussing it with your movers. Moving companies in Bangalore will know your requirements to customize the service. If you are not ready to avail of any value-added services then ask them what services they offering within the same budget. What services does their package include? They will add unpacking charges, fees for reassembling furniture, rearrangement of the goods, etc.

Know if  they offer insurance coverage

Fraud moving companies will charge for insurance but will not cover your goods against damages. So, before paying for the transit insurance, ensure the company has insured the goods. Ask them to show the insurance papers and check them with any legal insurance company. Or, the best way to do insurance is by yourself consulting a reliable attorney or insurance company.

Avoid discussions over phone calls

Most of the frauds are done over phone calls. Movers don’t come to your place but provide quotations over the phone. And discuss everything on a phone call. Either call them at your place or visit their office. Phone calls create confusion between both parties due to which misunderstanding arises.

Don’t get confused with similar brands

Some companies get names alike but their services are not alike. You may think you have hired a renowned company but in reality, you have hired a fraud company using a branded name. Before making any decisions, see their social media accounts, license, and GST registration to ensure it is one of those branded names in the industry that you were looking for and not any fraudster.

In Conclusion

By reading these points, we can say that proper research and validation are important to hire genuine and the best packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai. You shall follow this guide to avoid hiring fraud packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai.

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